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P. June Diehl

Updated July 21, 2007

Finalist, Short Story Writing F2K Competition, 2000
Award – Poet of the Month – Aspiring Writers
( – May 2003
Virginia Writers Club – Regional Contest – 1st Place Nonfiction (Allen Kitty) August 2005
Virginia Writers Club – Regional Contest – 2nd Place Poetry (Lochinvar Revisted) August 2005
ByLine Magazine Formal Poetry Contest - Honorable Mention (Lochinvar Revisted)

Anthology: DREAM MAKERS (Muddy Puddle Press, June 2003) – One short story (Twisted Tales: Red Riding Hood) and two poems (Duchess & Delicate Snowflakes)

Anthology: RIVERSIDE REFLECTIONS (March 2005) – Two short stories (Marching Through Time & Julia) and two poems (Staying Behind Cadence: Autumn 1862 & I Gaze into a Mirror Dark)

Chapbook: DRAGON WORDS: Assorted Poems (MoonMist Publishers, October 2002)
The Woman That Feeds Me, Aspiring Writers – May 2003

Book: The Magic & The Mundane: A Guide for the Writer's Journey (ePress Online, 2005)

Article in Book: "Ten Ways to Tickle Your Creativity," Writers Tips: Essays on a Variety of Topics from over 20 Writers (Web Promotion for Writers, 2005)

Article: The Writing Summer: Midsummer Night's Dream (PEARLS OF WRITING, July 2003)

Feature Article: Inside A Writer's Mind: How Can I Use My Dreams and Nightmares to Improve My Writing? (WRITER'S CROSSING, May/June 2003)

Article: The Heart of Writing (PEARLS OF WRITING, February 2003)

Feature Article: Writer Beware: Interview with Victoria Strauss (WRITER'S CROSSING, March/April 2003) Also published in Just About Write ( December 2002

Feature Article: The Multiple Personality of Writing Soaps/Serials: Plots, Characters, Genres (WRITER'S CROSSING, December 2002)

Feature Article: Poetry, Me? (WRITER'S CROSSING, September 2002)

Feature Article: What Do I Write? (WRITER'S CROSSING, August 2002)

Feature Article: Into the Future: Vision of a Writer's Future (WRITER'S CROSSING, July 2002)

What Do I Write? (Published in FEAR OF WRITING Gazette, March 2002)

Dream Work – Boundaries: A Personal Perspective (Published in THE HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON NEWSLETTER, 2001)

Published in WE (WOMEN'S EXPLORATION 1988-1989):
Magical Doorways: A Guided Meditation
Waking Dreams: A Guided Imagery
Into the Cavern of Many Names: Guided Meditation
Jay Spins Tales of the Goddess
WE Marches for Women’s Rights
The Portal of Venus: A Guided Meditation
Sister Sun: A Guided Meditation
The Chamber, the Chair, & the Scribe: A Guided Meditation

Published in BY THE HOOK Newsletter (1997-1998):
The Art of Crochet: Creating Your Own Designs
The Art of Crochet: Clothes & Accessories
The Art of Crochet: Edgings – Past & Present
The Art of Crochet: The Use of Color
Reading Pattern Directions, Part 1 – Beginner
Reading Pattern Directions, Part 2 – Beginner

Judge for the 2005 Regional Virginia Writers Club Writing Contest (Poetry and Short Story)
Poetry judge for the 2004 Young Virginia Writers Writing Contest (statewide contest)
Judge for the Writer's Crossing Writing Contests (Poetry and Short Story; 2001 – 2003)

(2002 - 2005, Available from MoonMist Publications)
Setting Your Voice Free – Writing From Within
Characters Galore – Using Existing Models to Create Characters
Critiquing Fiction
Fantasy Fixings
What POV?
Writing Science Fiction

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