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About Me
P. June Diehl

Created July 2007 - Updated July 21, 2007

Virtual Tales is a royalty paying e-publisher of serialized novels/novellas currently looking for fiction in various genres and styles. For more information go to: http://www.virtualtales.com/


Come right in and have a seat! Make yourself at home.

I started writing stories and poetry as a child. I started a "novel" and did manage to complete over 100 handwritten pages. That was some endeavor for an 11-year old!

I've been writing off and on since the early 1980's in various capacities. I have completed a multitude of technical documents related to the software development industry, written articles for various local and online newsletters, written content for websites, and edited, written, and produced my own newsletters.

I find time to do some creative writing as well. I've had several short stories, poems, and articles published. My nonfiction book, THE MAGIC & THE MUNDANE: A GUIDE FOR THE WRITER'S JOURNEY is now available in print from lulu.com (published by ePress Online).

I'm in the process of delveloping new writing classes and have been teaching writing online since 2001.

I have a BS degree in Early Childhood Education and a Masters Degree in Special Education (specializing in Learning Disabilities). After having worked in the public school system for several years, I realized I loved to work with the children, but I did not agree with much of what the public shool system is all about. I love to teach and to help people to learn new things but I didn't fit into the public school system.

I then moved into the computer field where I have over 20 years experience programming, analyzing, writing, training, and testing. Along with each task, I have not been shy about letting others know of my love for writing. Most managers have gladly given me more than my share of the project writing to perform. I loved this part of my work!

I'm currently engaged in full time employment while pursuing contract work as a freelance writer, editor, and writing coach. I work as an F2K mentor for Writers Village University (WVU) and teach writing classes at Pearls of Writing. I'm a lead editor for ePress Online.

I'm also an senior editor for Virtual Tales. I'm also on the Board of Directors as Director of Submissions.

I'm a member of the Association of Coaching & Consulting Professionals on the Web (ACCPOW)

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Take care!

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